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Textures are sometimes of a low quality, especially when zoomed in in certain situations. In terms of sound, the game shines largely because of Nolan North, the voice actor responsible for Deadpool, who makes a show of force.

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If you took pleasure in the multiplayer matches of Red Alert 3 and only tried some of the single player campaigns when the Internet connection was down, then Uprising won't be something you will enjoy very much. One could argue that there are two significantly different periods in the history of the Total War series, as created by Creative Assembly: there are the first two games, Shogun and Medieval, where the strategic map is more of an excuse for players to get into the innovative (at that time) and beautiful tactical battles, and then there russian icons book pdf the last three, Rome, Medieval 2 and the recently russian icons book pdf Empire, where the tactical battles and strategic map are equally important, leading some players to even ignore the previous releases altogether, playing the entire game as some sort of period-themed empire builder.